Marshalling Group

Motorsport is one of the most exciting sports there is. There are over 20 different branches and marshalling allows you to experience a whole range of disciplines at the heart of the action.

About the Group

Welcome to the CSMA Club Marshalling Teams.

There are currently nine teams covering the country and you are welcome to support any of the teams you choose. We value your support, events could not run without us.

Our main interest is rally marshalling and we run stage rallies as rally marshals, timekeepers, safety radio operators, and event officials. Some of our teams support other CSMA Club and local motor club motorsport events.

Full training is provided on all duties by other members of the team, and you can join the MSA Marshals' Registration and Grading Scheme. We often benefit from food and soft drinks handed out by the organisers, and often win some prizes in the marshals' draw.

So if you are enthusiastic, reliable and interested in doing a worthwhile and essential job while getting close to the action, then please get in touch and come and join us.

Who we are

Nic Davis

Central and South East Marshalling Team

Marshalling Group Leader

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