About CSMA Club

CSMA Club is an established private home, motoring and leisure association offering great discounts and offers on insurance, travel, leisure activities, holidays and more to members. Find out about CSMA Club and how you can benefit from our many money saving deals.

Established since 1923, CSMA Club is an organisation that is run by its members for its members.

One of the most important things to know about CSMA Club is that many of our offers are exclusive to our members , current and ex Civil Servant employees and their families. To qualify for membership, you must have worked or be working in the Civil Service, Central Government department, Public Sector or be a partner, sibling, child or parent of a current member.

There are many money saving benefits to membership including:

  • Amazing deals from CSMA Club Approved Partners in Travel Shop, Car Shop, Money Shop, Lifestyle Shop and Leisure Retreats.
  • Exclusive access to events and activities organised by CSMA Club Huge discounts on CSMA Club member-owned Leisure Retreat bookings
  • Delivery of CSMA Club Magazine 6 times a year, full of in-depth news, reviews, interviews and advice about cars, holidays, food, wine, leisure activities and the latest CSMA Club offers.