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Friday Club Quiz Answers - 27 Dec

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1. At the start of the week, BA had an incident at Johannesburg airport with one of their planes – but what happened?

The wing of the plane sliced into a building.

  • a.   They forgot to load the baggage onto the plane

  • b.   Whilst manoeuvring on the runway, the plan collided with a building

  • c.   The pilot fell asleep whilst on the runway and couldn’t take off


2. X Factor winner Sam Bailey was this year’s Christmas Number one – but what was her winning single called?

  • a.   Skyscraper

  • b.   Tower block

  • c.   High-rise


3. Which US music star popped into a Walmart shop last Friday (20th Dec) night to buy a doll and gave £23,000 in gift cards to shoppers?

  • a.   Mariah Carey

  • b.   Kelly Rowland

  • c.   Beyonce


4. Many parts of the Christmas Tree are edible!

Many parts of the traditional tree are edible, the needles being a good source of vitamin C.

  • a.   True
  • b.   False


5. What was the name of the boy in ‘The Snowman’?

  • a.   Peter

  • b.   James

  • c.   Andrew


6. In 1647, Christmas festivities were banned under the rule of Oliver Cromwell – but which year was the ban lifted?

  • a.   1650

  • b.   1657

  • c.   1660


7. Why is the day after Christmas Day called Boxing Day?

  • a.   In Victorian times, a public boxing match used to take place

  • b.   Presents were placed in boxes to be carried home by people travelling

  • c.   Money was collected in church alms-boxes for the poor


Have a great Christmas - from the Conundrum Team!