Why a watering can may be your car's best friend

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Thames Water is telling us that – in the current water shortage – we should be proud of having a dirty car. Meanwhile, Autoglym is encouraging us to take a different course of action. They want us to keep washing.

“Well they would, wouldn’t they?” I hear you think, “given that a car-cleaning product company relies on us wanting shiny cars to stay in business.” But hang on a minute, don’t be too harsh – Autoglym makes some good points.

If you do want to keep your car clean (and you’ll be risking the paintwork if you don’t), then you can do so with “surprisingly little water”. Forget about using a hosepipe and risking a massive fine, not to mention vile looks from your neighbours – and use a bucket and watering can instead.

“Water from a single watering can should be sufficient for rinsing off all the shampoo suds,” says Autoglym, also advising that by using a ‘rose’ on your watering can, you can shower the bodywork from close range, making the best possible use of each drop. And a synthetic chamois-leather will mop up the final few suds, while also drying the car “to achieve a streak-free gloss finish”.

It sounds like good advice to me.