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Q. Why has the Club changed recently?

A. We've listened to what you, our members, say you'd like, and made improvements that will build on our position as the UK's largest private motoring, home and leisure organisation. Our aim is two-fold: to create a really vibrant Club community and to bring you exclusive benefits or discounts from companies you can trust.

CSMA Club Membership Fee

Q. What do I get for my £25 membership fee?

A. In the current economic climate cutting the cost of commodities is even more important and that's where CSMA Club can help. As a member you receive:

  • Motor Legal Expense cover
  • CSMA Club Magazine, 6 times a year
  • Exclusive discount on Breakdown cover from Britannia Rescue
  • Lowest rates available on car and home insurance with LV=
  • Discounts on holidays
  • Access to more activities and events
  • Exclusive discount on a break at the Club-owned Leisure Retreats

And lots more....

Q. I have a Britannia Rescue policy, why are they collecting my CSMA Club membership fee?

A. To make it as easy as possible for you to renew your CSMA Club membership Britannia Rescue will be collecting your membership fee when you renew your breakdown cover. Due to the reduction in the cost of your breakdown policy however, the total amount you pay will be the same as last year.

Q. If I decide not to renew my Britannia Rescue cover, what happens to my CSMA Club membership?

A. If you do not want to renew your Britannia Rescue cover you can still renew your CSMA Club membership by calling 0800 66 99 44.

Q. I don't have Britannia Rescue cover - when will I be asked to pay?

A. CSMA Club members will be invited to renew their membership prior to their renewal date. All members will be contacted in plenty of advance to inform them of their renewal date and how they can pay their subscription. Until that time, you won't need to do anything.

Q. How has the website changed?

A. To access all areas of the website you need to register first. This not only makes things more secure, but it also ensures that only current CSMA Club members are able to access the benefits of membership and join in the forums and other areas of the site.

Q. I have registered on but have not received an e-mail to confirm my registration?

A. The e-mail may have been blocked so please check your spam filter and settings. As the email is an automatic response, some filters will automatically stop you receiving it.

Q. My postcode is not recognised against my membership number.

A. Are you using your current CSMA Club membership number? If you have a Britannia Rescue policy, you may have a different CSMA Club and Britannia Rescue membership numbers so please make sure you are using the CSMA Club number. Also make sure you leave a space when typing your postcode.

Q. I can't remember my password, can you send me the details again?

A. Unfortunately not - the password is unique to an individual and we are unable to view member's passwords. This is due to security measures. You can follow the 'Forgotten your password' link under the log in box.

Motoring Information Service

Q. Can I use a GPS Sat Nav on the continent?

A. The use of Sat Nav's on the continent is generally not a problem. However, Sat Nav's with the option of showing fixed speed cameras must have this option deactivated in certain countries such as Germany, Switzerland or Czech Republic. The carrying of devices to detect police radar devices is strictly prohibited in many countries. The best advice if you own such a device is leave at home as penalties in some countries are severe.

Q. Do I need to carry a fire extinguisher?

A. Whilst we would generally recommend that an extinguisher be carried in your vehicle, a few countries such as Belgium and Greece it is compulsory.

Q. Do I need to have a GB sticker?

A. It is a requirement in Europe to display on your vehicle the initials of where the vehicle is registered. Therefore, you should always display a GB sticker on your vehicle. The only exception for this is if your license plates carry the EU symbol on.

Q. I only have an old paper style driving license - is this ok to use on the continent?

A. Most European countries will accept all valid UK driving licenses. Some however, such as Italy, Portugal and Spain may not accept a UK license which does not have a photo on it, the new EU driving license cards. We would recommend for safety to either upgrade your license to the new photo card style, or to obtain an International Driving Permit. In the Czech Republic, you must have an IDP to accompany your license if you do not have a photo on it.

Other products and services:

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    CSMA Club Members save on airport parking, hotels and UK lounges.

    Airport Services


    CSMA Club Members enjoy exclusive discounts with LV= Car Insurance.

    LV= Car Insurance


    CSMA Club Members save up to 15% with unique shopping discounts.

    Shopping Discounts


    CSMA Club Members save up to 25% on a selection of new cars with Car Select.



    CSMA Club Members save on airport parking, hotels and UK lounges.

    Airport Services


    CSMA Club Members enjoy exclusive discounts with LV= Car Insurance.

    LV= Car Insurance


    CSMA Club Members save on airport parking, hotels and UK lounges.

    Airport Services