Theatre Tickets, Meal Deals & London Sight-Seeing Attractions

Established as one of London’s leading theatre ticket agencies since 1987, UK Tickets specialise in getting you the best seats for all the top shows, including hard-to-get seats at ‘sell out’ shows.

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Key Features

  • 10% off all products, including: Musicals, Plays, Pre-theatre Meal Deals & London Sight-seeing attractions
  • Tickets to all West End theatres and playhouses. Some regional venues throughout the UK are available via the booking hotline.
  • The UK Tickets website has customer reviews, so you can see what your fellow theatre goers think of a show before you buy tickets.
  • CSMA Club discount applies to special offers, combined show and meal deals and cut price tickets, so you can find a real bargain at the West End.
  • You can also get hard to find tickets and seats for ‘sell out’ shows, making our new Approved Partner UK Tickets a hard act to follow