Private Health Insurance

With CS Healthcare’s private health insurance options, you and your family can relax knowing that for eligible conditions you will be treated promptly, in a clean, safe and private environment. As a CSMA Club member, you can choose from a range of benefit options to create your own personalised health insurance plan to suit your needs and budget.


Key Features

As a CSMA Club member, you’ll receive your first 2 months FREE* plus an upgrade of £100 for Private Road Ambulance cover (total £350), exclusively for CSMA Club members. Simply quote promo code 193 when joining.

  • A flexible choice of private health insurance options, designed to suit your needs and budget.
  • Competitive premiums from a mutual health insurer.
  • A choice of excesses and co-payment options.
  • Personal service from professional UK based staff.
  • Fast, direct claim settlement with personal guidance and expertise at every stage.
  • Health advice lines
  • Access to over 300 hospitals across the UK.



At A Glance

Cover Options include:

Essential cover – the only compulsory module providing comprehensive cover at competitive prices. Key benefits include;

  • Surgical and medical admissions and related hospital charges.
  • Consultants, surgeons and anaesthetists’ fees.
  • Specialised scans (MRI, CT and PET scans).
  • Post operative consultations, investigations and test for 90 days.

Expert Diagnostics – provides fast access to a consultant for investigations and tests, avoiding unnecessary waiting times.

Choose from 3 different levels of cover for Expert Diagnostics

  • Expert Diagnostics Comprehensive (including up to £1,000 per person per policy year for out-patient psychiatric consultations and counselling).
  • Or Expert Diagnostics 1000: a £1,000 limit for diagnostic treatment per person per policy year (excludes psychiatric cover), this option gives you approximately 15% discount compared to Expert Diagnostics Comprehensive.
  • Or Expert Diagnostics 500: a £500 limit for diagnostic treatment per person per policy year (excludes psychiatric cover), this option gives you approximately 35% discount compared to Expert Diagnostics Comprehensive.

If you are admitted to hospital for out-patient treatment:

  • Consultations with a registered Consultant or Specialist.
  • Investigations and tests (including blood tests), ultra sound scans, x-rays and related tests.
  • Treatment room procedures and any related pathology.
  • Injections for pain relief, dressings and wound care.
  • Dietician advice.

Due to some excess options being the same as or exceeding the benefit limit some excess options are not available in conjunction with limited benefit cover options.

Cover OptionExcess Options Not Available
Expert Diagnostics 1000 £1,000, £2,000
Expert Diagnostics 500 £500, £1,000, £2,000

Please note, you can only select one Expert Diagnostics cover option per policy.

Therapy & Care – supports recovery with a range of manipulative, complementary and alternative therapies with a qualified therapist.

Heart & Cancer – comprehensive cover for acute heart or cancer conditions.

Choose from 2 levels of cover for Heart & Cancer:

  • Heart & Cancer Comprehensive.
  • Or Heart & Cancer Limited: a £50,000 limit for each Heart condition and an additional £50,000 for each Cancer condition per person for the lifeline of the policy. This option gives you approximately 15% discount compared to Heart & Cancer Comprehensive.

Cover begins after a confirmed diagnosis.

Cash Benefits – cash back towards dental, optical and health screenings.

Example Premiums

Example premiums based on individual circumstances - for non-Switch policies
AgeCo-paymentˆ cost per month
30 years £25.22±
40 years £33.25±
50 years £41.43±
60 years £52.95±


Please note: The maximum joining age is 74 years and 11 months unless you are switching from a previous insurer in which case the maximum joining age is 69 years and 11 months.

± Premiums start from just £25.22 a month for a 30 year old with the £3,000 co-paymentˆ option. These premiums are valid until 1 May 2014 and are based on Essential cover and partnership hospitals. Those switching from a previous insurer maybe subject to an increased premium. Switch rates are valid for 30 days from today's date, or up to and including 31 August 2014 whichever occurs first.

Premiums shown include Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) at a rate of 6%. Any changes in IPT may change your contribution rate.ˆCo-payment is a way of sharing the cost to keep premiums down - you pay 15% of the cost of your treatments up to a ceiling of either £1,000 or £3,000 per person per policy year.